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Fresh articles and news – Page 11

Fela Kuti's quotes, his life and songs

Of all the African musicians Fela Kuti is the most known in the world. Confident, opinionated, outspoken, full of innovations and always going his own way, he became the creative impulse in Africa.


30 Best Debut Albums

For most musicians debut album became the impetus to the popularity. For some, it remained the best album in their musical career. These successful debuts of famous bands remain popular for many years. We present you our list of the best debut albums.


The Best Motivating Songs

There is no more inspirational thing than music. It’s amazing how music can help you to overcome the difficulties and motivate you to live.


Drake's tattoos guide

Everybody knows that Drake's tattoos are not just random images, his every ink has its meaning. Read to find out about every Drake’s tattoo.


Best Guitar Solos of All Times

There are so many different ratings of the greatest guitar solos in the world! There are ones made by well-known magazines or specialized guitar resources and even one made by “Gibson” company. We made our own list and you will love it, so check it out!


The 10 Best Music Documentaries

We made the list of the best, in our opinion, movies about your favorite musicians. These films will be interesting for you whether you are a fan of music documentaries or not.


The Best Music Videos of All Times

Some artists are being really creative, the others try to demonstrate their inner world or hope to draw your attention showing something really strange. Check out the list of the best music videos ever.